Department of Scientific Research and Technological Development


Strengthen the national capacity to conduct scientific research, generate knowledge and facilitate the transfer of technology to allow the human development of Panama. The way to achieve this objective is to increase the number of scientists dedicated to research in the country, increase scientific productivity, raise national investment in R&D, both public and private, and integrate the scientific community with the productive and social sectors. Therefore, this Department executes programs to support research projects, the development of equipment and infrastructure for R&D, and human capital in science and technology.

Basic Pillars

The human team of the department, together with institutional aid, the support of the national scientific community, merit-based hiring, and the transparency and relevance of the merit-based peer review method introduced by the National Government through SENACYT (as in Spanish), ensure the success of its initiatives.


In the area of scientific research and technological development promoted by SENACYT (as in Spanish) in the Panamanian community.

  • Public Calls for Grants & Scholarships for R&D Projects: Since 2004, SENACYT (as in Spanish) has used public Calls for Grants & Scholarships as a means to bring together different initiatives that favor Panamanian scientific progress in different areas. As a result of these calls, more than 400 R&D projects have been awarded nationwide.
  • Coiba National Park: It is one of the most important protected marine areas in Panama, proof of this is that it has been recognized by UNESCO (as in Spanish) as a Natural World Heritage Site, for having such unique and important characteristics worldwide. Among the attractions of Coiba National Park are invaluable ecosystems such as: mangroves, coral reefs, forests, beaches, rivers, endemic fauna and flora, as well as historical sites, which provides a high interest for scientists from around the world.
  • National Research System (SNI as in Spanish): The purpose of the National Research System (SNI as in Spanish) is to promote the quality of scientific and technological research, by recognizing excellence in research and development work, through incentives that are distinctions or economic stimuli granted based on the quality, production, transcendence, and impact of the research work.
  • ABC Platform: It is a SENACYT (as in Spanish) strategy, which seeks to facilitate access to digital resources of scientific and technological literature to professionals, researchers, educators, and students from various areas of knowledge in the Republic of Panama.