AIP Centers

Public Interest Associations are a Legal Entity formed by Public Institutions or Panamanian Legal Entities registered in the Public Registry of Panama, duly recognized by the Executive Branch and authorized by it to carry out activities, whether of a private or public nature, which in the opinion of the Executive Branch have not yet been developed in the country or have been insufficiently developed, and whose achievement is of national interest, for which reason it is convenient that different sectors of society associate to carry it out, on a not-for-profit basis. Source: Official Gazette.
CENAMEP AIP (as in Spanish)

The National Metrology Center of Panama (CENAMEP AIP as in Spanish) is a Public Interest Association whose purpose is to develop and communicate the knowledge of Metrology (Measurement Science) at a national level. As a National Metrology Laboratory or Institute (INM as in Spanish), CENAMEP AIP (as in Spanish) is responsible for establishing and maintaining the National Standards of measurement, through scientific studies and comparisons with INM (as in Spanish) of other countries, to disseminate and ensure the traceability of measurements to the International System of measurement units (SI as in Spanish).

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The Institute for Scientific Research and High Technology Services of Panama (INDICASAT as in Spanish) was created in 2002 by the National Secretariat of Science, Technology, and Innovation (SENACYT as in Spanish) to promote the development of science in Panama, based on the premise that the scientific development of a country is a determining factor for its economic and socio-cultural development.

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INFOPLAZAS AIP (as in Spanish)

It is a Public Interest Association with legal status in accordance with Resolution No.28-PJ-128 of August 7, 2015, of the Ministry of Government, duly registered in Folio No.25026680 of the Public Registry of Panama, whose legal nature is the development of scientific and technological activities to reduce the digital divide in the country by establishing INFOPLAZAS (as in Spanish) as points of support and impulse for the implementation of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to promote social and economic development within a more just and humane globalized society.

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COIBA AIP (as in Spanish)

Coiba National Park is one of the most important marine protected areas in Panama, proof of this is that it has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site, for having such unique and important characteristics worldwide.
Another attraction of Coiba National Park is that it has invaluable ecosystems such as: mangroves, coral reefs, forests, beaches, rivers, endemic fauna and flora, as well as historical sites.

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CIEPS (as in Spanish) (International Center for Political and Social Studies, AIP (as in Spanish-Panama)

Panama) The mission of the International Center for Political and Social Studies is to produce knowledge for the formulation of public policies and decision making in the public and private sectors, through its own nucleus of researchers, capable of stimulating the creation and actively participating in the development of local, regional and international research networks in the field of political and social sciences, through the intensive use of information and communication technologies.

The vision of CIEPS (as in Spanish) is to become a center of excellence of national and international renown in political and social science research, serving as a point of reference and knowledge transfer to other countries, especially those in Latin America.